1. Henry Cuellar Carjacked

Breaking News

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2. Introduction

1. A brief introduction to the incident

2. A photo of Henry Cuellar

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3. Cuellar's Background

Henry Cuellar's background and political career

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4. Witness Statements

1. Quotes or statements from witnesses, if available

2. Any relevant photos from the scene

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5. Ongoing Investigation

1. Any leads or evidence being pursued

2. Details about the ongoing investigation

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6. Political Reactions

1. Reactions from fellow politicians or officials

2. Social media posts or statements 

Credit: Chris Stokes for The Texas Tribune

7. Law Enforcement Response

1. Details on how law enforcement responded to the incident

2. Any suspects apprehended 

Credit: Sipa USA via AP

8. Conclusion

1. The potential impact of the carjacking on Cuellar's political career 

2. Recap of the key points