OnePlus 12 vs OnePlus 11 -The Best Ultimate Comparison!

As we anticipate the release of the OnePlus 12, slated for a global launch in early 2024, a closer examination reveals the expected upgrades and differences compared to its predecessor, the OnePlus 11. Although the OnePlus 11 stood out as one of the premier Android phones in recent times, offering impressive battery life and top-notch performance at a compelling price point, OnePlus aims to raise the bar with its successor.

OnePlus 12 vs OnePlus 11

Specs Comparison:

Screen Size

OnePlus 12 features a 6.8-inch display compared to the OnePlus 11’s 6.7 inches.


The OnePlus 12 is expected to house the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, offering enhanced performance over the OnePlus 11’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

Camera Setup

OnePlus 12 boasts a 50 MP main camera, 64MP ultrawide, and 64MP telephoto with 3x zoom, surpassing the OnePlus 11’s camera capabilities.

Battery Capacity

OnePlus 12 packs a larger 5,400 mAh battery, providing more power than the OnePlus 11’s 5,000 mAh.

Charging Speeds

Both models support rapid charging, with the OnePlus 12 rumoured to offer 100W wired charging and 50W wireless charging, a notable improvement over its predecessor.


OnePlus 12 (China release)OnePlus 11
Screen size6.8 inches6.7 inches
CPUSnapdragon 8 Gen 3Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
Rear cameras50MP main, 64MP ultrawide, 64MP telephoto w/ 3x zoom50MP main, 64MP ultrawide, 32MP telephoto w/ 2x zoom
Front cameras32MP16MP
Battery size5,400 mAh5,000 mAh
Charging speeds100W wired charging100W (international) / 80W (U.S.)
Wireless charging?Yes, 50W wirelessNo
ColorsBlack, white, greenTitan Black, Eternal Green

Price Considerations:

With its China release, the OnePlus 12 is priced at 4299 yuan, slightly higher than the OnePlus 11’s initial cost of 3999 yuan. As smartphone prices trend upwards, it remains to be seen if OnePlus can maintain its competitive pricing strategy in the face of increasing costs across the industry.

Design Enhancements:

The OnePlus 12 shares a similar design language with its predecessor, but subtle changes include a textured back and the reintroduction of the Alert Slider, positioned on the left side of the device. The addition of an integrated antenna aims to improve streaming and gaming performance.

Display Improvements:

Rumours suggest that the OnePlus 12 may feature a slightly larger screen and a brighter OLED panel, potentially reaching a maximum brightness of 2,600 nits. Additionally, the inclusion of 2,160Hz PWM dimming aims to reduce eye strain during prolonged use.

Camera Innovations:

Continuing its partnership with Hasselblad, OnePlus promises enhanced camera performance with the OnePlus 12, featuring a 50 MP main camera, 48MP ultrawide lens, and a periscope-style 64MP telephoto lens, offering improved optical zoom capabilities.

Performance Boost:

Powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, the OnePlus 12 is poised to deliver superior performance compared to its predecessor, with significant gains in CPU and GPU capabilities, promising a seamless user experience.

Battery and Charging:

The OnePlus 12’s larger battery capacity combined with the efficiency improvements of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset suggest enhanced battery life. Moreover, the inclusion of rapid 100W wired charging and 50W wireless charging further elevates the device’s charging capabilities.

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The impending release of the OnePlus 12 sets the stage for a comparison with other flagship smartphones, including the anticipated Samsung Galaxy S24. the Best comparison phone As we await its arrival, the OnePlus 12 vs OnePlus 11 face-off promises insights into OnePlus’ continued evolution in the competitive smartphone market.

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